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Mancora Spanish group classes

Is common to travel with your girlfriend or your best friend , when the spanish students whatsapp me and they said, me and my girlfriend will be the only one ,for example I prefer to do group of 2 and don´t include more students ,this is a good experience for everybody, incluid me , I …

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Small group spanish classes

We have small group spanish classes , if the students are a couple of friends and travel together is a good opportunity to take classes, practice the grammar and do exercises each other.The spanish teacher could go to your hostel if there are a cofortable space and to do lessons there.If is group classes the …

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Birdwatching Mancora

Birdwatching, or birding, is the observing of birds, either as a recreational activity or as a form of citizen science. A birdwatcher may observe by using their naked eye, by using a visual enhancement device like binoculars or a telescope, by listening for bird sounds or by watching public webcams. Birdwatching often involves a significant …

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Máncora is sunny all year.

All year is sunny in Máncora , all year with a beautiful weather , why not to do the spanish class on the beach ? , That day I was doing lessons in Tomas´s hostel front to the beach and we decided went to the beach, we really enjoy and never forget that spanish beach …

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Grammar and Conversation

Martin is a spanish teacher, he is also taekwondo instructor , the spanish students learn with him ,not only the grammar , exercises or improve their reading ; during the the conversation, hear and talking is very important also.Martin is more than a spanish teacher. One video hereWelcome to Wasi Center, welcome to Máncora !

Spanish Classes and Surf

Shimmie is from Singapure , She was taking 40 hours spanish lessons with Luz from Wasi Center , Shimmie is a surfer, for that , the schedule was changing some times or she used to surf early , at 6 :00 am , Always Shimmie was waiting her classes with a glass of water for …

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Spanish Classes in Máncora Selina Hostel

Selina hostel is a beautiful hostel front to the beach , near for swim with the tortugas , to surf ,or rent a aqua moto, Our classes could be in the restaurant or in a table front to the beach , Me or Martin normally go there to teach beacuse is quite, clean and confortable …

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Learn Spanish is easy

With the right instructor , comfortable environment,learn spanish is easy and fun , we recommend to take classes minimo 2 hours a day and practice the rest of the day.The grammar and A1 level is almost similar than english, you will find adjetives, noums , verbs, pronoms, similar vocabulary , as more as you are …

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Ayahuasca in Máncora

Maestro Moises

The last week The Shaman Moisés LLerena was visiting us , He did 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies and give me the Rapé and Kambo medicine.I can say that was Amazing how I connected with the Great Spirit.We still are in contact because he live in Pucalpa bulding his Healing and Art Center . Soon we are …

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What happend in Perú now? Peruvians want Democracy

Peruvians say #respetamivoto Peruvian territory was home to several ancient cultures. Ranging from the  Norte Chico civilization  starting in 3500 BCE, the oldest civilization in the Americas and one of the five cradles of civilization , to the Inca Empire , the largest state in the pre -Columbian Americas, the territory now including Peru has one of the longest histories of …

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