Spanish Classes and Surf

Spanish and Surf

Shimmie is from Singapure , She was taking 40 hours spanish lessons with Luz from Wasi Center , Shimmie is a surfer, for that , the schedule was changing some times or she used to surf early , at 6 :00 am ,

Always Shimmie was waiting her classes with a glass of water for Luz or te ,sometimes they finished their classes with a tarot reading , talking in a confident and friendly environtment . During the Shimmi´s Máncora time she moved 3 times to differents rooms and Luz had to teach the classes in all 3 new spaces.

The best part of the spanish lessons is to make friends and energetic connections for the life.

Máncora surf report

Welcome to Wasi Center , welcome to Máncora !

Spanish Classes in Máncora Selina Hostel

Selina hostel is a beautiful hostel front to the beach , near for swim with the tortugas , to surf ,or rent a aqua moto, Our classes could be in the restaurant or in a table front to the beach , Me or Martin normally go there to teach beacuse is quite, clean and confortable , If you are looking a hostel in Máncora , Selina is a good option.
See you at the classes.

Learn Spanish is easy

With the right instructor , comfortable environment,
learn spanish is easy and fun , we recommend to take classes minimo 2 hours a day and practice the rest of the day.
The grammar and A1 level is almost similar than english, you will find adjetives, noums , verbs, pronoms, similar vocabulary , as more as you are learning more leves A2, B1, B2…. will discover and undestend more information. so be patient with your self and let´s start…..

Ayahuasca in Máncora

The last week The Shaman Moisés LLerena was visiting us , He did 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies and give me the Rapé and Kambo medicine.
I can say that was Amazing how I connected with the Great Spirit.
We still are in contact because he live in Pucalpa bulding his Healing and Art Center .

Ayahuasca Maestro Moises
Soon we are going to arrange more ceremonies here , only let´s me a message and i let´s you know.

What happend in Perú now? Peruvians want Democracy

Mi voto se respeta”: Peruanos se manifiestan mientras se impugnan actas  electorales | Perú | Elecciones | fraude | The Epoch Times en español

Peruvians say #respetamivoto

Peruvian territory was home to several ancient cultures. Ranging from the  Norte Chico civilization  starting in 3500 BCE, the oldest civilization in the Americas and one of the five cradles of civilization , to the Inca Empire , the largest state in the pre -Columbian Americas, the territory now including Peru has one of the longest histories of civilization of any country, tracing its heritage back to the 4th millennia BCE.

Peru is one of the world’s most varied countries. It is a multicultural nation, filled with traditions, a unique gastronomy and vast natural reserves. It is home to 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 84 of the planet’s 117 life zones. Peru is situated in the western part of South America and shares borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. Its enormous territory, covering more than 1.2 million square kilometers, is composed of three regions: Coast, Highlands and Jungle. Its current population exceeds 31.5 million inhabitants. 

Spanish is the official language of Peru; however, 47 indigenous languages are also spoken in the country, including Quechua and Aymara. 

Thinking aboat Perú in this momment .

This is the question ,that many peruvians and foreigners are doing ?
More than 50% peruvians wants Democracy.
The last presidential election is durty with many people is showing videos where the actions wasn´t clean.

As soon as the JNE (National Elections Jury) gives the final number of votes, Peruvians must begin to work together, forgetting the differences and rebuilding our country by walking in the same direction. The democracy is the goal.

Here you can read this post , The peruvians isn´t going to stop

When all this will calm you are welcome to visit us, Martin ,Atzel, Alef and me love living in Máncora , it is a surf and tourist town

Online Spanish is fun

We know that speaking is very important part of learning a language, you have the opportunitie to practice with us , We designed a course to put everything you know into practice at the same time to continue learning more levels.

Each class will have it’s own topic, where you will learn new vocabulary and work on speaking fluency.

You will speak as naturally as possible!

  • 1 week, 10 lessons , 60 minutes per class
  • 4 people maximum per class
  • Classes per 6 different levels from beginner to advanced
  • Package 4 weeks per level
  • Price per week: $ 70 US

Schedule 1: 
Tuesday and Thursday – 11 to 12:25 hr PET (-5 GMT)
Schedule 2: 
 Wednesday and Friday – 18 to 19:25 hr PET (-5 GMT)


Peruvian spanish teacher

We are a peruvian family teachers with Eco Camping proyect and autosostenable

The teacher will be dedicated exclusively to you and will show you the most effective way to learn the language.

Book a package of 10 or 20 online spanish lessons

20 hours pack: $320

10 hours pack: $190

1 hour: $18

– 1 lessons 60 minutes
– flexible schedule and duration 
– one-to-one private lessons with a live teacher
– Semi-private lessons with 30% discount

teacher in spanish
Spanish conversation ,write us if you want talking in spanish with a native spanish speaker.