Learn Spanish is easy

With the right instructor , comfortable environment,
learn spanish is easy and fun , we recommend to take classes minimo 2 hours a day and practice the rest of the day.
The grammar and A1 level is almost similar than english, you will find adjetives, noums , verbs, pronoms, similar vocabulary , as more as you are learning more leves A2, B1, B2…. will discover and undestend more information. so be patient with your self and let´s start…..

Camping tranquil

Camping in Máncora , camping tranquil and far to the parties are the perfect holiday to connect with your self and to study spanish without distractions.in Wasi Center we teach spanish and offer differents activities outside ,workshops and time to share to improve your spanish.

Here a video with more information “The best family camping in Máncora

Campamento familiar

Learn spanish singing

We have many ways to learn a languages , one of this is singing songs , there are easy or difficult ,its depend how fast there are , how many words they have , what conjugation ,etc.

Here some examples:

1. “Living La Vida Loca”-Ricky Martin

2. “Vivir mi Vida”-Marc Anthony

3. “Eres”-Cafe Tacuba

And more songs here

The global Reiki day and relax day ….

Today is the REIKI USUI day , is the 156 the birth anniversary of Mikao Usui and the 99 Reiki Usui ,Mikao Usui was the founder and promoter and he share his knowledge with as much people was possible.

Reiki in Máncora

Mancora weather

In Mancora the weather frecuently is hot includein winter , we have probably only 10 days per year cloudy .If you are planing travel to Perú, Máncora is the perfect place to study spanish and do surf or kite surf.

There are many activities to do here :

Yoga on the beach , to run , swimming with the tortugas ,these are some examples of activities to do.

Send me a whatssap if you have some questions about what to do.

Airbnb and Spanish

If you are looking for Airbnb with spanish classes this is your place, we can rent the one or two rooms with all spaces to share.

Samuel from Germany was living in my house for 10 days , studying spanish and taking kite surf classes with my friend Humberto.

Samuel also participated in the Ayahuasca Healing Ceremony

I am happy to give you more information about this , my whatssap +51 999228884.




National Independence Day

On July 28, 1821

On Saturday July 28, 1821, in a very solemn public ceremony, José de San Martín, enunciated the famous Independence of Peru proclamation. First he said it in the Plaza Mayor of Lima, then in the plaza of La Merced, and then in front of the Convent of the Descalzos.The liberator with a Peruvian flag in his hand exclaimed:


Read more here

Peruvians Medicinal Lagoons

Las Huaringas Lagoons

The Cultural Landscape of the Complex of Las Huaringas Lagoons, is located in the highlands of the department of Piura, in the provinces of Huancabamba and Ayabaca, above the 1750 and 3650 m.a.s.l., it develops in a close physiographic space, wide towards the south and constrained in the far north; its relief was modelled due to the union of the eastern mountain range with the western mountain range.

This cultural landscape is visited throughout the year by national and foreign tourits usually accompanied by a ” healer”, who come to perform flowering baths with the purpose of discharging negative energies and charge of ‘good vibes’; similarly, other visitors make the trip in order to cure their illnesses or obtain some benefit/favor or prosperity in business. The people who attend to the lagoons usually wash some personal garment in the waters of the lagoon, and leave money or jewelry as a form of payment for the blessings received.

More info

To learn spanish in Mancora is fun

More than spanish students ,friends forever.

Spanish and Yoga in Máncora

To learn spanish in Máncora is always a good opportunity to improve different skils in your Spanish language during your holidays, we are wasicenter.com ,Peruvian teachers , since 2008 teaching the foreigners

with our own method. We also offer , Peruvian Cultural Immersion ,Yoga class, and Ancestral Ceremonies .

Mancora Backpackers

Formerly a sleepy fishing village, the fantastic Máncora break was discovered by early surfing enthusiasts in the 1960s and its popularity with the surfing crowd has remained constant ever since. Its beautiful tropical setting also makes it a perfect place for sunbathing, nature-watching and, of course, partying!

If you’re not a fan of surfing, there are loads of other activities to enjoy here. Options range from massages and relaxing spa packages to the adrenaline-filled hybrid sport of kitesurfing. Nature lovers won’t want to miss the opportunity to go snorkeling with turtles or take a boat tour to see humpback whales. Máncora is also well-known for its excellent food, with traditional coastal dishes like ceviche or conchas negras taking center stage.

For amazing pool parties, dancing, live music, guest DJs, drink specials and more, Wild Rover is your #1 spot in Máncora. Come make some new friends and enjoy the best party in town! For sports lovers, Wild Rover is also the best spot to watch live sports on TV in Mancora. All GAA, football, NFL, NBA, MLB, AFL, UFC, boxing, golf and all other games are played live on our huge screens. We’ve created a unique atmosphere here at Wild Rover Mancora – a place that can be enjoyed by all kinds of travelers from all different walks of life.

And for relax Hatha -Yoga class with Luz