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Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Máncora isn´t only surf and party town, here there are a Mystic side , many people long time ago is doing and participate in Mystic ceremonies : Ayahuasca , Wachumo Ceremonies, Temazcal , Flowering Bath , moon ceremonies in circles giving offering to the Pachamama, Mamacocha and the Grand Father Fire. To talk aboat each ceremony , explaing the ritual and the deep misteries of the spirituality will open our concience to others dimensions. The participants need to fill the questionnaire and they will have a interview with me (Luz) Is important to know how is your health and emotion before the Ceremony , the Shaman is Victor Palacios,has more than 40 years experience with master plants , Ayahuasca and Wachumo Ceremonies. Portal Darma is my sacred space I will be the asistent if you need some help during the Ceremonies.

https://www.facebook.com/victor.palacioscastillo This is the calendar of the next  group Ayahuasca Healing  Ceremonies in Máncora-Los Órganos 2023
  • Friday,January 6
  • Saturday ,February 4
  • Friday ,March 10
  • Saturday ,April 8
  • Friday , May 5
  • Saturday ,June 3
  • Friday ,July 7
  • Saturday August 5
  • Friday ,September 15
  • Saturday ,October 14
  • Friday ,November 10
  • Saturday ,December 16
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Ayahuasca Healing Ceremony 2023

What is Ayahuasca?

The Ayahuasca is an ancestral and sacred drink of the Amazon. Used for centuries by the peoples of the jungle as a spiritual path of balance with the universe,  awakening of the consciousness and healing of the body and the soul. The master plants that form it (Ayahuasca and Chakruna) have spirit and consciousness. These are the ones that help us initiate that positive change in our life. The Ayahuasca purifies us from the deepest and makes us reborn. It frees us from dense or stagnant energies that may be impeding our harmony, like sorrows, fears or others. Heals various types of diseases and ills. Open the doors of perception to show us our inner world, and beyond. It opens our hearts to high feelings. It brings understanding and the opportunity to live fully.

This ancient holistic medicine is consumed properly under the guidance of a prepared person. A healer or shaman. He uses his knowledge and different tools, like black tobacco, perfumes and the Cantos de Medicina or Icaros , the Shaman Víctor Palacios use the canalizations and transmit a message for the participants. Important elements for establishing a direct communication and interaction with the spiritual world.

The most popular name of this drink comes from Quechua: Aya-huasca. Its translation is something like “Soga de los Muertos”, or “Noose of the Spirits”. There are deep interpretations about this: One says that with this plant the soul can leave the body without losing its connection, and thus explore the spiritual world. Another says it helps us find a healthy relationship with the concept of death and darkness.

How does medicine work?

In each one acts different, and so on every ceremony. Sometimes it does more on an emotional level, other times more on a mental level, and sometimes more on a physical level. It can be a smooth experience, or be a little more intense, or very strong. There are many variables. No experience is similar. Each person has different degrees of sensitivity. It will also depend on other factors, like the preparation of the person. Some people need more than one session in order to feel the full potential of the medicine.

This sacred experience can be a gateway to the luminous world of the spirit, with all his love, light and power. But on many occasions it can lead us first to face our subconscious fears, and the shadows of the soul, before entering that brightest plane. Ayahuasca can elevate our consciousness towards transcendental mystical states, but sometimes it causes us to descend first to the density of our interior, to recognize where our pain and our disease. In this way we become aware of our problems in their true meaning. In the end it is always a useful experience. The light teaches us and the darkness teaches us.

There are a number of experiences that can occur, or a mixture of some: vertigo,

desire to vomit, confrontation of repressed fears and paranoias, conflict resolution, visions, consciousness of the body, sharpness of the senses, deep peace Harmony, reflection, introspection, self contemplation, understanding, recognition of the evolution of our being, regression to the last stages of life, awakening of consciousness, overcoming interpersonal difficulties, emotions of forgiveness, gratitude, love.

Purification Effect:

One of the ways this plant works to cleanse us is through vomiting, and diarrhea in some cases. Does not always happen. The plant purifies us in other ways too: through sweating, yawns, tears. Sometimes the plant is very friendly on a physical, mental and emotional level.

The emetic effect of Ayahuasca is a totally different experience than usual. Here the vomit is accompanied by a psychological and energetic charge that we expel from the deepest, purifying both the soul and the stomach and different aspects of being. During this time the effect of medicine tends to become stronger, and one should make the most of it, Surrendering and trusting in the Ayahuasca Mother and in whom she directs the experience. The purge is followed by a sense of well-being and physical relaxation.