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Las Huaringas Lagoons

The Cultural Landscape of the Complex of Las Huaringas Lagoons, is located in the highlands of the department of Piura, in the provinces of Huancabamba and Ayabaca, above the 1750 and 3650 m.a.s.l., it develops in a close physiographic space, wide towards the south and constrained in the far north; its relief was modelled due to the union of the eastern mountain range with the western mountain range.

This cultural landscape is visited throughout the year by national and foreign tourits usually accompanied by a ” healer”, who come to perform flowering baths with the purpose of discharging negative energies and charge of ‘good vibes’; similarly, other visitors make the trip in order to cure their illnesses or obtain some benefit/favor or prosperity in business. The people who attend to the lagoons usually wash some personal garment in the waters of the lagoon, and leave money or jewelry as a form of payment for the blessings received.